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Re: Hello everybody, a new map.

> I haven't looked at the latest versions (except in source)
> because my current development version doesn't understand
> the format anymore ;-) I had a quick go with the very first
> one before I broke everything, though.

If you are talking about mission one, they are almost the same,
except the story.

> I guess I'll have to say: Not my piece of cake. I mean,
> you seem to like bunkers a bit too much, sometimes. If about
> 50% of your army is immovable you are very much restricted
> in your options.

Yes, the player really has few options, but it is about a stronghold,
isn`t it? How about replacing one third of them with personeal carriers?
Like this one.

Since the blue side has a lot of fighters, which would make big demand
of anti-air capability on the yellow side.

Well, I thought I was designing a map about the Empire attacking one
of the Free Nexus` Base many years ago, thus two missions; one in which
the yellow side has good defense, and in the other, which is historical,

And the story itself is about how the Empire and the Free Nexus have
become enemy to each other, there should be a story about this,
shouldn`t it?

However, I am willing to change the equipments of both side.
Comments are welcome.

Brain at Taipei.

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