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Re: Building for Windows

--- On Fri, 1/4/13, SteveB <questions4steveb@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> From: SteveB <questions4steveb@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> For the Windows users amongst you, I've been playing with it
> quite a bit .. see :-
> http://questions4steveb.co.uk/Wargames/0.%20Wargames%20index.html
> (you will see from my 'trials & tribulations' that I'm
> not a programmer :-) )

"Note that the map source (.src) files contain UNIX style line breaks (line feed = 0x0A) which need to be replaced with Windows style (carriage return + line feed = 0x0D0A) before they can be processed using QBasic scripts"

That's easy to do. Simply open them in Wordpad and save as text files. It replaces the line endings with the DOS/Win style CR/LF.