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Crimson Field Important News

Attention everyone:

New campaign and new levels coming soon. Check your email in the next few weeks/months.

Brief details of new campaign:
name: campaign for Tyarin

brief description:
The campaign for control over the Yalwa province ended miserably. Many commanders lost the battles, were captured by the Kandelians, and thus lost their heads to the Emperor. The FNA was steadily weakening and insufficient supplies were taking its toll on the army. Their victory at Ultha was short lived; Kandelian reinforcements arrived and surrounded them. What followed was a massacre of massive proportions that was unlike anything the Nexians had ever seen. The rebellion fell and was crushed under the heel of the Kandelian emperor. Kand rose in triumph while the rest of Nexus suffered under turmoil, confusion, heavier taxes, and demans for more crystals.
Even so, many Nexians were inspired to take back their freedom. One such group on an island offshore of the mainland of Tyarin made plans while the Yalwa Campaign was occurring. Forced to slave and mine for the Kandelians in their war effort, they decided to do something about it. The Nexians rose up and formed a kingdom. The leader of the group, William the Conqueror, claimed to have noble blood and that he was an ancestor of the empress Jani Vers. Will.i.am took up his throne and began his reconquest of Tyarin, Kerlo, and the Kingdoms of the East in his effort to free the Nexians and restore power to the long-lost ancestry of the royalty of Allantha.
Unfortunately, His Majesty, will.i.am disappeared. Historians believe that he was captured by the Kandelians. Your job now is to continue his quest for peace and freedom across Nexus.

(description and titles are subject to change)