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Re: Insurrection: Second Draft of Tyarin Campaign


On 16.07.2008 05:13, William wrote:
Here's the second draft of insurrection. It's better, got
more events, and harder to play. If you like it, please

I've just completed my first battle on the map. Overall a
straight-forward superior numbers map, with the slight
twist that this time it's the player who has more units :-)

Some comments in more or less random order:

* It's pretty big for a campaign start map. I'm curious
  what this will develop into.

* Personally, I'm no big fan of battles with huge numbers
  of (near) stationary units since they usually make for
  rather static gameplay. This one's no different. The
  strong line of bunkers in your back makes for very easy
  style of play. And most of my bunkers still didn't fire a
  single shot.

* The staggering amount of crystals at your disposal makes
  it easy to keep a steady stream of reinforcements.

* The fact that the enemy doesn't have any infantry makes
  a) one of your objectives kind of silly (guess which one)
  b) it even easier to always keep your troops in good shape

* The harbour in the corner looks kind of useless...

* Cutting down an entire forest for a group of reinforcements
  is kind of unusual, I think.

* You somehow got all of the multi-tile images wrong ;-)

So, all in all an easy (which isn't bad for the first map of
a campaign (unless you want it to be a hard campaign...), but
it might be a bit too easy in places for it to still be
interesting, e.g. with respect to the virtually unlimited
amount of crystals) that is a bit too static for my taste,
but that may be just me. See if you can get a few more
opinions on that.