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Music really really sucks!

Quick distribution check.

On Ubuntu, they're not shipping the sample set that the current default.mid 
song was written for, and it doesn't work!  Egads, there's *NO* keyboards!  
That was what Jens wanted, wasn't it?  And I don't have it!  Argh.

So, anyway, it sounds like crap with that particular section taken out.  How 
many of you are experiencing this problem?

Jens, are we still in "keep the damn thing as small as possible" mode, or can 
I start giving you .ogg files to ship?  I have an old default.ogg rendered 
from timidity that can patch this for now, it's 5.4M.  I could probably 
squeeze it down to under 2M if it matters.  We'll lose some sound quality, 
but a crappy rendered .ogg is better than what I've got now.