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Re: Wiki access?

On Sunday 06 March 2005 08:08 am, Matthias Grimm wrote:
> Hi,
> What have I to do to get write access to the Wiki?
> I got stuck at the login dialog which I'm not able to pass. Do I need a
> special account? Who can create such an account?

Ummm, there's a link somewhere to create an account?  We disabled anonymous 
posting because of wiki spam.  :)

Upon examination, it's clear that phpWiki could use some work along these 
lines.  If I used a standard form username (lower case letters), it wouldn't 
let me in.  If I used a WikiWord (AllFirstLettersAreCapitalizedWithNoSpaces), 
it just created an account for me.

So, use a WikiWord to sign in and it should work for you.  Then you'll have an 
account settings page you can access from the front page of the wiki where 
you can set a password and a few other things, iirc.

Anyway, the idea (just in case you discover the implementation doesn't match 
the idea) is that anybody can post to the wiki except spammers.  So it should 
be hard enough to prevent automated bots from spamming the wiki, but still 
allow anyone to write to it.


>   Best Regards
>     Matthias

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