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Re: GFX update : website layout

Well, I'm no "pro" at web page design, but with all the "tweaks" you were talking about, I think the new homepage (if voted in as official), will make an excellent "marketing tool", and thus make CF much more popular than ever before. Good luck, and...CHEERS! ;-)
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Date: 3/20/2007 4:58:59 PM
Subject: Re: GFX update : website layout
On Tue, 20 Mar 2007 16:02:14 +0100, Gaylord Cohen <gmcohen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Wow...looks COOL! I hope it gets chosen as the OFFICIAL design. :-)
Hehe, thanks :)
Well. So.
As Jens requested it, I'll explain what I've done for the moment on the
* Here is a tilable banner background
It was first just an image of a map, without unit, Jens ask me to put some
"ingame action" without the damage bars, I think it's a lot better this
(I love the copter under the 'R' of Crimson ! :))
* Here is a title on the banner
First it was a crystal in the black hexagon, but Jens told me that even if
crystals were important in the game, some maps were played without
paying attention to them, so we decided to put the CF tank instead.
* "About" section disappears
It's now in the index2.php page (the homepage), in the top text area, as an
introduction to the game for people coming on the website for the first
* Left Panel becomes Right Panel
It does not contain the links to each section anymore, those links are
the top banner. Now this right panel will contain the latest and better
screenshot we have, for people coming for the first time again.
The "Feedback" paragraph is placed here too, always visible whatever the
is (before, it was hidden because of the page length, we had to scroll
down to
discover it).
* And voilà.
I said "voilà".
So, any comment ? any suggestion to improve it further ?
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