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Re: Wiki

bad economy, huh? :(
don't know how to do that, but will think of other ways. also, is the data all lost?


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There's a secret installation of mediawiki in the webspace that I
believe came from a subversion checkout. Update it to the latest
version of mediawiki, then migrate existing wiki content (possibly
using a database dump) to the mediawiki installation. :)

You'll need shell access to get the db dump and do the subversion
checkout. I can see if I can do that much, I haven't started my new
job yet and am in some limbo right now anyway.

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On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 7:12 PM, <killwill169@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> um, how?
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> Hey,
> SEUL recently switched to PHP 5, and it looks like our wiki
> doesn't like that much. Any help in getting that back up
> much appreciated.
> Jens
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