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Re: Rep:Re: [f-cpu] new langage ?

> New language of a higher level is really needed to really have a code
> portability without the problem of performance.
> BUT it's really hard to devellop a all new language ( or look at "D" ).
> I personnaly like the way systemC work. It's only a "big" librairy for
> C++. We just have to design a librairy that work well with SIMD.
> In c++, one librairy do such thing : STL. If we port STL (in asm) for
> the fpu we could accelerate all soon written programme and future one.
Well, it's a good idea, but the problem is that the a big part of the STL 
class are template. That mean that they are compiled with the application, 
and that will be difficult to optimise them.
	Of course, class like string must be optimised, and all the libstdc++ 
can be optimized. But like the libc and perhaps all the basic lib of each 
language we want to see on our chip.

> I think it's the better cost/benefit ratio.

We have two way to have better result on our CPU, optimise generic lib and 
compiler. The two are interesting, and we must not focus only on one of them.

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