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Re: [f-cpu] Winograd DCT on my seul.org account

and then whygee stepped into the discussion again ... :-)

Ben Franchuk wrote:
> Juergen Goeritz wrote:
> > Yes, you are right. But does this speed your development
> > time? Especially for f-cpu it will get very time consuming
> > to optimize by hand and thus will be omitted most of the
> > time. That's why the automatic process is preferable.
> Cache and latency timing is almost like the OLD SERIAL drum
> computers.Perhaps that might be a better model to optimize from. Still
> only about 10% of the code in any program needs speeding up if I
> remember right, but good programing skills are still needed because only
> the programer can pick the best algorithom for the job.

you know well that both of you have very good points and your antagonism
is a bit childish ;-P we'd like to have a solution that solves all our problems
without the hassles.

On one hand, we can't rely on the automated code cruncher to spit efficient
object code. So the user has to control/check the output and agree that
there is no better way to do the job. In some cases, it would be useful
that the "code generator" learns new tricks from the user (kind of basic,
well-studied "artificial intelligence").

On the other hand, the size of the programs continue to explode, a lot
of things are not manageable anymore only by hand. i did 160KB of asm
code once, and i sworn i'll never do that again. We need something that
eases asm programming, beyond macros and other low-level constructs :
something that treats code blocks as a complex object with its dependencies,
register allocations, parameters... and that the programmer can handle
as easily as drag-n-drop. when dropped, the register allocation is
done automatically, according to the programmer's settings.

With this kind of tool, bigger parts of code can be tightly controlled
and a better performance/ease of programming ratio can be achieved.
This idea is not new and i propose something like that for a long time.
No need for a new langage when your representation is not textual.
Hence the name : "GNL is Not a Langage".

seems like i'll have to learn XML ...

> All computers wait at the same speed (unknown by me)
but all users are impatient ;-)

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