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Re: [f-cpu] Some web page

> On Fri, Apr 26, 2002 at 10:20:35PM +0200, Cedric BAIL wrote: 
> > Hi,  
> >   
> >  I have quickly created some web page to represent the 2 currents  
> > visions of the F-CPU (the older and a wishbone/without XBar version). 
> > I have added 2 others pages to list all the hardwre and the software 
> that we  
> > could code for the project.  
> >   
> >  You will find them at : http://www.epita.fr:8000/~bail_c/  
> Where does this second version come from, why does it exist, and 
Some french guy are currently redrawing a new web site to replace the old ugly 
web site. I think that you can see a layout at geeno.free.fr, but if I 
correctly remember it's a work in progress. 
> what does "will be linked with the opencores project" mean? 
Because we will use the same interconnection bus (WISHBONE) as the opencore 
project to be able to reuse some of there core. 
I hope I was clearer and I think that I must change the text of my web page. 
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