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Re: [f-cpu] F-CPU architecture...

Michael Riepe wrote:

Hi again,

Yann Guidon wrote:

The project is still hosted at http://f-cpu.seul.org/ (MIT server)

however, the german ISP/DNS is costing too much,
just for 3 domain names : i have to terminate the deal
with them and move to gandi.net (2x cheaper and a lot friendlier
since the ISP has been bought by another who cares less for customers).

I just looked - gandi.net doesn't offer .de domains.

it's a french domain name broker, does not do hosting.

What do you pay for the domains?

http://teuto.net/ costs 2x as much as gandi.net and they are as useless...

they charged me 60 euros WITHOUT PRELIMINARY NOTICE
only for updating some whois details through the phone.
i have to send them a letter to cancel the domain names,
but they never needed my signature for buying the domain names,
or changing DNS configuration. they should go to hell.

Fortunately, i see that the expiry date for the DNS entry is 2006
so i wish they don't renew it.


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