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[f-cpu] dynamic code reuse

There is a branch of studies concerning the reuse of soon calculated value in 


The idea from the paper is that there is always some result in the code that 
have been soon calculated. The idea is to reuse the result instead of 
recalulate it. Increase speed could reach 20%.

This gave me an idea but with software support.

This is a kind of jump instruction. The jump take some register and one 
adresse. If the content of the r register + the PC match a internal specific 
cache the result of 2w register is set and the jump occur.

To fill the cache, some thing "watch" the result calculated  where the 
instruction is supposed to jump. In case of interrupt, this is lost to avoid 
confusion and to stay stateless.

This instruction needed to be handle carrefully by the compiler. So what's up 
in the area ?

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