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Re: [f-cpu] dynamic code reuse

On Tue, 9 Dec 2003 nico@seul.org wrote:

> > To answer your question it will be very hard to add to gcc.
> > One need to decide that "this" is block of code which will
> > probably produce repetable result ....
> >
> Is not possible to use the profiling tools to do it ? It could use the
> (-arc*) option of gcc that compile in 2 pass and a run.

It might be possible (do not read as trivial) . You should start
to prove it manually (ASM) first. You are speaking about up to
20% speedup - but they measure it without this speacial OP AFAIK.
It is possible that cache/fetch/decode requirment will have larger
hit that the benefit is ...


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