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[f-cpu] Fw: Cleaning & Maintenance For Home/Office Dubai / Sharjah

General Cleaning & Maintenance

Of: Building, Banks, Flats, Hotels, Offices, Villas Carpet & Sofa Shampooing, Glue Removal, Water tank Floor Polishing, Painting & Tiles Fixing

We Also Undertake Annual/Monthly Contracts

 Fax usyour requirement                                                  

About:             Ø      Sweep / Vacuum all floors / Carpet Areas

Ø      Dusting all wall fixtures

Ø      Dusting & Cleaning A/C Grills

Ø      Furniture dusted and vacuumed appropriate

Ø      Wash un-carpeted floor

Ø      Cleaning & Disinfecting Bathroom

Ø      Internal Window Cleaning                                               

Ø      Carpet & Sofa cleaning and shampooing

Ø      Garbage Disposal etc.

Ø      General cleaning of apartments

Ø      Glue removal and polishing of the floors 

The requirement:-



 Name :-------------------------Company:---------------------------------------Address:------------


Tel:050/7149855//050/4732120 04/2976444Fax:04/2972766

Email: deirasn@emirates.net.ae