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Re: [f-cpu] System C

hello !

Juergen Goeritz wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Jan 2002, Bruno Bougard wrote:
> > Now, this is 'our methodology', I don't say it is the best ...
> Hi,
> would the tool really help to decide during or after development
> where to draw the border between hardware and software?

that's what it is meant to achieve :-) and i have seen some
working examples from IMEC and others.

By the way i will do my best to attend the DATE2002 exhibition.
My university lab will present his work, Mentor Graphics
will be there too (so i'll meet Meta Systems employees and
past colleagues :-)) and IMEC is usually present.

> To my experience it's not this way because you have to program
> 'hardware style' to make it synthesizable. Also VHDL has that
> type of problem - not all constructs from the standard can be
> synthesized. It always depends on the synthesizer you use...

by the way, i have been surprised by the ability of some
"expensive" VHDL synthesisers to "grok" apparently unsynthesisable
things. OTOH we can't rely on it : GPL'd tools don't have all
this intelligence. I try to write in RTL style but Micheal
now uses more advanced constructs, for example in the multiplier
or the shifter. At least that works in simulation and some
synthesis runs have succeeded. And it usually takes one
year before i start to use Michael's techniques ;-)

> Could you provide a link to download the tool for evaluation?
the past mail indicated :
i have not looked yet, though.

> Regards
> JG
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