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Re: [f-cpu] "Tree"

Kim Enkovaara wrote:
> > for programing this stuff. Nobody has a good RTL language
> > developed. I don't want to have * / in a RTL language if
> > I can't specify addc and overflow and carry out from addition
> > if I want it. I once had a old yellow book on RTL languages
> Why do you normally need to specify how the arithmetic is performed. Isn't
> it enough to tell the synthesizer what are the timing constraints and
> synthesizer selects from its arithmetic toolbox "optimal" solution that
> meets the timing. Currently some hints (pragmas etc. in the code) might be
> needed to instruct the synthesizers if they get confused. And I think
> synthesizers are in their infancy still at higher level optimization.

But the user can't get at or view the fine details. 99% of the time 
I can let the synthesiser do what it whats. It is that 1% of the time
you have no control of the system. BTW is still want ADC!

Ben Franchuk - Dawn * 12/24 bit cpu *
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