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Re: [f-cpu] mailling list archive and email in clear text


nico@seul.org wrote:

I play a little bit with google and i found this page :


This is the archive of the list. The big problem is : all email adress are
in clear text !

Is it possible to change that ?

i don't know, all i can is subscribe/unsubscribe people.
arma is the best person i know for the matter of mailing list configuration.

BTW, there are addresses that bounce often
for non-spam reaons. I consider unsubscribing them for a while.
If anybody recognizes his account name in this list, please contact me,
otherwise i'll probably unsubscribe him.

mgiammarco :  Mailbox disk quota exceeded
boucli27 : User unknown
rschwarz : Name service error
D-12 : Mailbox disk quota exceeded
rah :  need fully-qualified hostname
matthiaswalther : User is inactive
kruskal : host name not found
marco : not local host; not a gateway
bjje : User unknown




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