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[f-cpu] FOSS compliant GPU design

Not directly related to f-cpu, but still interesting...
Same motivation, different goal


"The Open Graphics Project is a collaboration between the Free and Open
Source Software (FOSS) Community and Tech Source Inc. to develop new 3D
graphics products that are compatible with Free Software, both
philosophically and practically. The project is currently designing an
"open source friendly graphics card"

Furthermore, I've read this in comments:

"In the documentation is clearly stated that they use a Xilinx Spartan
III 2000 FPGA as a GPU"


"It will be especially nice to be able to send out bug fixes for the
FPGA. This will require that we have logic in the FPGA which allows
reprogramming of the FPGA serial PROM with a new bitfile. Reprogram,
cycle power, and voila, you have reprogrammed it.
Take note that there's only one FPGA, and the host controller is part of
our design. If you want to reprogram the card with your own logic, feel
free to do so, but you'll need your own host interface. I believe
opencores.org has a PCI controller you can use. We'll document how to
reprogram the serial prom both via our host interface and via headers on
the board."

Maybe a potential sandbox to try some f-cpu parts ???

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