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Re: [f-cpu] calling conventions


isn't this just interesting for compiler development?
To my opinion this seems to be as far away as the real
opcode coding. And it could also be a point for some
simulational tests to find the optimum for parameter


On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Christophe wrote:

>> Another proposal :
>> r0            : zero
>> r1            : pointer to variable or additional function arguments
>> (call-clobbered)
>> r2-r15     : function return values or arguments (call-clobbered)
>> r16-r31   : temporary registers (call-clobbered)
>> r32-r47   : local registers (callee-saver)
>> r48-r63   : global or special registers
>> that way we could handle pair of registers much smarter
>> (r2-r3,r3-r4,...,r14,r15).
>> personally, I'm wondering if it is really necessary to limit function
>> to r15 instead of r31 or r29 (to be sure to have at least a pair of temporary
>> registers), in so far as we can consider that all function arguments not used
>> by a function may be used as temporary registers by this function...
>Just a precision, the life of a temporary register in a function lasts between
>the time it assigned and the time a call of a function is done therein or the
>function exits, unlike local registers which would last between the start and
>the end of the function where it is used.
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