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RE: [f-cpu] calling conventions

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> From: Ben Franchuk [mailto:bfranchuk@jetnet.ab.ca]
> Sent: 06 June 2002 15:26
> To: f-cpu@seul.org
> Subject: Re: [f-cpu] calling conventions
> John Graley wrote:
> >  - In the case of C, functions with >13 parameters are 
> rare, and var-args
> > calls are very rare. (printf et. al. are already super slooooow)
> Well printf style functions really only have two arguments - parameter
> count
> and ponter to the arguments stacked on the stack.
> The code after printf's call clean's up the stack.

Printf is a var-args function, and I think it's the C calling convention
that states how such functions are handled - so when you write the calling
convention you could specify some clever way of doing it. But it doesn't
really matter, because there's not much justification in optimising var-args

Cheers, John
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