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Re: [f-cpu] calling conventions

I'm not sure this is a good place for a discution about the quality of
babelfish translation...

>> Not really. Babelfish translations are *much* worse. In fact,
>> mail was quite understandable, as opposed to your french text.
>There is plenty of expressions which are word by word translation
>and the way i
>know it is a babel fish translation is simple to guess :
>"What I propose has the place"; In french he wanted to say "Ce que
>je propose ŗ
>la place", that is,"What I propose instead".
>But in his french email, he wrote "Ce que je propose a la place",
>because he
>was lazy to stress his vowels :). But for Babelfish or equivalent,
>which are
>stupid enough not to understand that "a" was in fact "ŗ" (i.e, "to
>place)"), it turns out to be "has", which is the real meaning of "a".

Sorry but for the moment my mailler have probs with accents so I try to
don't use it in mail.

>I cannot think Thomas is stupid enough to write that sentence so he
>should have
>been lazy to reread all as he was lazy with stressed vowels :)=)

I'm sorry but I have try to reread the mail, but I have not enough time
to make a very good translation. But I think most people have understand
my mail...

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