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Re: [f-cpu] Where I can put my asm code

Yann Guidon wrote:
> hi !
> Thomas Lavergne wrote:
>>I've made some simple asm code to show what we could do with the ISA but
>>I have a problem :
>>Where I can put it if I would all people have access to it ?
> just login as "anonymous" on ftp.seul.org,
> directory is pub/f-cpu/contrib. no/dumb pasword.
> your file then appears on http://f-cpu.seul.org/new.

Is it possible to make sub-directory, I will try to make some code to do 
simple image processing, and I think is better if all this code was in 
same directory.

> all you need is ftp :-)

So i've all I need :-)


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