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[f-cpu] Call convention resume

Hi every body,

	I will try to do a resume of what has been say about call convention during 
the last week, before updating the manual.

R0: zero
R1 : number of parameter (for debug and security) and return value
R2-R15 : functions arguments (call-clobbered)

R15-R31 : temporary registers (call-clobbered)
R32-R58 : local registers (callee-saver)

R59 : return adress

R60 : pointer to the Procedure Linkage Table
R61 : pointer to the Global Offset Table

R62 : Frame pointer (Function Entry Frame)
R63 : stack pointer after which the parameters after the 14th are push in 
reverse order (Function Entry Frame - number of bytes allocated)

I think that I don't forget any of your post, but if not I wait for your 


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