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[f-cpu] good news

hello !

i have worked hard this week-end.

First, you can now mark the register set as "finished",
or at least, "working". I cleaned up the code according to
the latest discussions (removing the partial writes)
and it is easier to manage now, it only took a few hours
in fact. I don't have a "serious" testbench but it compiles
and elaborates without warnings.

The second, and more important, news is that you don't
have to care about tools anymore ! as promised, i have
written a tool abstraction script which now understand
Simili, Vanilla (without libc5 by default), ncsim and
Riviera (though not tested yet). All one has to do now
is source this script and call the few functions that it
defines with the correct parameters, the rest is done
automatically !

Not only it means that we don't have to write one script
per tool, but it also means that portability is not an
issue anymore : you can add support for ANY decent tool
with some bash lines and run regression tests, whatever
your current tool(s) is/are. I will also distribute it in
a separate file as well, because it can be useful outside
of F-CPU.

If you want to play with it, it's in my latest snapshot
(not yet online, but look anyway) under f-cpu/vhdl/tools.desc/
and the directory f-cpu/vhdl/registers/ contains test.sh
which shows one example of use. Now that R7 is done, i have
to rewrite the ROP2 script(s) and begin the Xbar unit.

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