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Re: Re: [f-cpu] Re: help with linux from scratch

hi !

>En réponse à Yann Guidon <whygee@f-cpu.org>:
>> except that LFS is currently very poorly automated.
>> a few scripts would help to divide the installation
>> time by 2 at least. A few tricks would even reduce
>> the overhead from running ./configure multiple times
>> with the same configuration (making a link to a central
>> cache directory for example).
>> If you have ideas, i will be happy.
>take a look at 
>it builds my LFS box in 6 hours (PII 400)

>Take care if you're connected to the Internet, 
>as it try to download missing or outdated files
>(usefull for *patch*, not for downloading the new kernel)
thanks, it looks nice !
i'll have a look at ALFS too, when i need to recompile everything.

i have discussed a bit with the maintainer of LFS and
he prefers to concentrate on the core, and leave the
automation to the other contributors.

I'm digging in the idea of making a small monitor in FLASH,
which does all the HW detection and setup, and later
downloads the kernel from a peripheral (or simply from the
remaining but that would take more room and be more difficult
to update).

BTW i just read a CMP magazine i got in DATE, called "Embedded Systems"
(http://www.allembedded.com) and there are some very interesting
things, explaining for example how uClinux works (a MMU-less system).
Another page is a product announcement for a very ... sexy product :
the ProASICPlus FLASH-FPGA from ACTEL is a see of 3-input
gates with a hierarchical interconnect, PLLs, up to 712 I/O,
up to 198Kbits of dual/ported RAM, up to 1 million gates...
it boots up instantly because it's not a SRAM but FLASH configuration
(no download from external EPROM)  and it can work at around
100MHz (max. internal clock speed : 240MHz). I WANT ONE !!!!!

YG :-)

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