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Re: [f-cpu] more about f-romfs

On Sun, 17 Mar 2002, Christophe wrote:

> Not very clear in fact...  I think it would be better something like that :
> 1.starts at 0x0 (area 0 - /cs0) which is in fact mapped to a ROM as an internal
> or external space memory.

1a. evaluate hardware configuration structure of BIST ROM
    (this is a software structure reflecting the chip HW structure)
1b. run internal selftest BIST
1c. verify outer bus interface
    (i960 has an interesting check, boot structure with crc)
1e. start code of external bus

> 2.sets BAR, selects the right chip-selects for RAM/ROM/Ports areas.
> 3.tests RAM.
> 4.defines the stack pointer and IRQ-tables.

this is just needed for a monitor in external ROM.


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