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Re: [f-cpu] more about f-romfs

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> > 
> > 1.starts at 0x0 (area 0 - /cs0) which is in fact mapped to a ROM as an internal
> > or external space memory.
> sure but then, how do you define the ROM address ? Andreas says that this
> range is defined by a set of registers which must be programmed ...
> yet another chicken-and-egg problem :-)

Where is the problem? On 68302 pE. you have the CS0, is this line active,
the external/internal controller switch to a ROM, With register BR0 and
OR0 which corresponends with CS0, you define the adress-lines, which are
represent the external ROM-start and Size.

With BR1 and OR1 you set and masks the range of a external RAM via CS1,
ditto BR2 and OR2 the range of external Ports via CS2, the BR3 and OR3 the
range of internal RAM via CS3 or whatever ou want.

Remember, on 68302 you have the CS0-3-lines, the adress-lines, which are
programmable via BR0-3 and OR0-3...

In my opinion we should go the sam way, because it is easy a) to debug,
b) easy to configure c) easy to implement...

Where is the problem?

Bye Art1
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