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Re: [f-cpu] Synthesier hunting

hi !

Nicolas Boulay wrote:

Hello guys,
I have been to DATE 2004. I have meet some guys from Synplify to have a zero-fees licence to synthetise the code to use Synplify ASIC.
I just receive there definitive response : no. "Some compagany that use our product will be in direct competition with your cpu, so to be fair, we can't agreed your demand."

That sad :/

no, it's SILLY !

The only way to have access to a synthetiser is to find a deal with a university that work with "Europractice" organisation. They have access to almost every software they want, for a very low fees (1800€/an for a complete set of Synopsys software, that cost more than a million €/an in the market).

no, it's not the only way.

i had a probable contact with Synopsys.
well, that was 2 years ago.

and a simulator SW company has furthered contacts with me.

no it's not impossible to synthesize the F-CPU code,
it's probably longer and harder than with simulation tools
but the time will come. It's their job to realize that
their tool will not be compared in testbenches. Cadence
and others have understood their interest. If Synplicity
or others don't want, then we can't force them and we
"work" with other's tool.

And i'm sure that it's only a matter of speaking to the right
person inside the company.



PS: the wiki is open for edition in the F-CPU group,
so don't hesitate to copy-paste interesting and useful
discussions from emails. The synthesizer and the
gate delay issue are worth the effort.

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