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Re: [f-cpu] page managing

> i propose to do it with edram,  3Dlabs do it in it's new graphic chip :
> http://www.tomshardware.com/graphic/02q2/020503/p10vpu-04.html

edram technology is very expensive and the yields go down. There are even
different ways to do edram. Some vendors use digital process and quite big
amount of extra masks to build the dram structures (digital process makes
the dram density lower). Some vendors use pure dram process and that on
the other hand makes the digital logic slower and bigger. And there are
only few vendors that support edram. It is difficult technology to master.

NRE costs of edram are also quite high, because the needed extra masks. In
my mind 1T-SRAM technologies are usually more feasible (Mosys, Ramtron
etc.) Also 1T is quite expensive technology and is only supported on some
vendors processes (TSMC and UMC are safe bets).


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