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Re: Rep:Re: [f-cpu] page managing

Nicolas Boulay wrote:

> I'm almost sure that i will change in 2 years ! (When i say edram, i
> think of a memory technology that maid easy to put many Mbyte  inside
> the chip) For many reasons, edram are a good thing : for power
> consumption (no more the 100 power transistor to get out of the chip
> to access the memory), the board/package will became cheaper (less
> and less wire), for the performance, ...
> For so many raisons, it will be widely used. L2 cache are the first
> candidate.

Not for the cheap foundries. They dont have the money to get eDRAM up to
the standards of say IBM ... as for really cheap embedded memory, only
thin film memory cells can offer that. But Intel seems to have that
market pretty much cornered. They might get access to it in a couple of
years, and IDM's no doubt will buy into it too ... but again foundries
will undoubtedly lag them quite a bit.


PS. Im sure its been said before, and you are probably slightly stubborn
about it ... but damn your method of quoting sucks, it does not scale
well to deep threading ;)

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