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[f-cpu] forged addresses (was Re: unsubscribe me please!)


a subscriber wrote:
> Please unsubscribe me from the f-cpu mailing list!!!

The unsubscription method is contained in the message headers of the posts
that go through the list. It says :

  X-To-Get-Off-This-List:  mail majordomo@seul.org, body unsubscribe f-cpu

Warning :
I have seen some "forged" posts, for example a message from owner-f-cpu@seul.org
and f-cpu-approval@seul.org, as well as from a subscriber's address but i AM the
maintainer with Paul Mota and we all run virus/worm-safe computers.
And there is no reason for the message to come from Russia
(look carefully at the headers) because i live in France and the server is in the US.

                        BE VERY CAREFUL !
                       DON'T USE OUTLOOK !
                     DISABLE ALL JAVA STUFF !
                      EXAMINE THE HEADERS !
                      DON'T SEND HTML POSTS !

Everyone should know this but i write it anyway, Internet is not the cool
place it used to be.

I am very concerned by the increase in the amount of spam and worms
since the last 6 months. It wastes bandwidth and patience, and it is propagated
by a minority of people who ignore secure practices. [BTW i am currently
building a Linux system "from scratch" and i'll stop using W95 and Netscape
as soon as possible. Give me some time to configure everything...] 

Unfortunately the threats
are getting smarter and i have no access to the seul.org server itself, which
is maintained by the SEUL team (which uses Linux so it's pretty safe).
It already blocks the worms which are larger than 50KB but the things seem
to not always pass through the SEUL server, they look as being directly delivered
to the subscribers. damnit.

I hope that you understand the situation and that you are not angry at the
F-CPU project.


To unsubscribe, send an e-mail to majordomo@seul.org with
unsubscribe f-cpu       in the body. http://f-cpu.seul.org/