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Re: [f-cpu] accelerator

Graham Seaman wrote:
> Anyone know how this works? Does it compile bits of a design to FPGA and
> read back the results to merge with the software simulation?

most interesting is

it says :
 - plug-in board for SUN workstation (at least one of the products),
i don't know for the other products that are claimed as most efficient on Linux.
 - it's closely related to Aldec, which explains why they are located
in Poland, too (i met polish Aldec techies at DATE2002, and had good
relations. I still have to test Riviera but it might be an entry point.)
 - works with the VHPI interface of proprietary, well-known software
but should also work with Aldec.

At first i thought : "yet another startup that want to do cheap emulation"...
but it can be interesting.

> Graham
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