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Re: [f-cpu] FC0 P&R : i finally got it !

On Sun, 11 Nov 2001, Yann Guidon wrote:

> The next step is cool : given enough metal layers are present,
> we can draw vertical wires to feed the multiply unit, located
> "above" (from the upper side point of view) the other units and
> register set. Because this unit is long  and has several outputs,
> vertical wires will be drawn wherever needed and meet the
> horizontal main buses. i have no patience or skill to draw
> that with ASCII stuffs but it seems to work on paper sketches.

Have you tought about crosstalk problems? At least big bunch of vertical
lines can be a problem unless you add extra wires that are grounded etc.
This will not be a big problem at 0.18, but is beginning to be a real
problem at 0.13. There are tools to analyze the crosstalk and fix the
problems at layout, but they are very expensive tools.

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