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Re: [f-cpu] New suggestion about call convention

> But the point is you have all the calling information.
> It may mean a extra pass in the compiler but it can be done.
> Also since this works best with leaf functions you could do this with
> say three passes.  pass #1 all functions with no calls or system calls
> only. pass #2 all functions that call level #1 functions ... pass #3
> all functions that call level #2 and #1 functions.
> At the same time functions could be tagged for in-line macro
> replacement. The old compile/run time trade off again.

What append if my library staticaly call a function foo () that is used in my 
code by the main function.


static void bar () {}
void foo () { bar (); }

int main (int argc, char argv[])
  libcall ();
  foo ();


void libcall () { foo (); }

I think that you couldn't know anything about the librairie, and you couldn't 
detect if your program use this thing or not, because it came from the 

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