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[f-cpu] Fwd: announce: VHDL front-end for GCC

Read on the GCC mailing-list. It's a good news I think.


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Subject: announce: VHDL front-end for GCC
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 12:26:24 +0100
From: Tristan Gingold <tgingold@free.fr>
To: gcc@gcc.gnu.org

I am happy to introduce GHDL.

GHDL is a GCC front-end for the VHDL (IEEE 1076) language, an hardware design

Currently, GHDL implements most of VHDL-1987 and some features of
VHDL-1993.  It is mature enough to compile and run some complex design (such
as a DLX processor and leon1, a SPARCv7 processor)

GHDL has been developped on a GNU/Linux x86 system, and only this
 configuration has been tested (porting to other processor or system should
 not be an hard task, but there are system dependent files in the run time).

GHDL is written in Ada95 (using GNAT) and relies on agcc, an Ada
binding for GCC.  It also includes a run-time library (written in Ada), named
grt.  The front-end and the library are both distributed under the GPL

For sources, binary tarballs, or for more information, go to

Tristan Gingold.


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