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[f-cpu] Buy Printer Ink Direct from Factory, SAVE Up To 89%

Title: Buy Printer Ink Direct from Factory, SAVE Up To 89%
If you are reading this then your email reader software cannot properly display this message. Fear not, you can access this very important message in its intended form directly on the Internet by simply clicking the link below. If the text below does not show up as a link, then copy the entire line and paste it into the address field of any Web browser. http://excuria.com/digitaloutreach/response01.html?ID=4053668-1879586
Apple Hewlett Packard Lexmark Brother IBM Canon Epson Xerox BuyInkDirect.com
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Order now and you could win
FREE black ink cartridges for a year *
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* All orders over $35 between Oct 1, 2002 and Feb 1, 2003 will automatically be entered into a drawing to be held Feb 1, 2003. The winners of the Feb 1, 2003 drawing will receive 12 black ink cartridges (1 for each of 12 months) corresponding to the type of ink cartridges placed on the winning order. If you wish to be permanently remove from this distribution list email postmaster@excuria.com with Remove youremail@yourdomain.com from eXcuria as the subject.

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