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Re: [f-cpu] optional SRB

> >Of course, the IRQ/trap/syscall handler should actually store the
> >SR somewhere else as soon as possible, so as to avoid crashing if
> >the handler itself is interrupted (besides, the OS would take care
> >that all handlers are locked in memory - i.e. can not be swapped to
> >disk).

> >This is much simpler than making the SRB mandatory.

> and that's "RISC" ;-)

Hum, are you sure ? I never see SR used like this before...

> cool ! someone who understands the basics ;-)
> ok, there might be some hidden costs.
> it might not solve everything, but it addresses most problems.
> and it doesn't sound difficult to implement.

It doesn't address the most important problem, preserve all your register.

> PS : i recently attended a conference about GNU/Hurd and i have
> seen some Hurd sourcec code. It's very far from POSIX but
> one of the most crazy things i've seen is ... mmap() used for doing
> a malloc() .....

It's all you remind about it ? I don't wan't to make a list of the idea they 
give about Hurd, but it's really the first OS where I see some new and 
interesting idea (fakeauth, IPC jail, ...). A lot of good idea, but a lot of 
work (That's remind me something, but what ?).

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