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Re: [f-cpu] Smooth Register backup issues...

Nicolas Boulay wrote:
Le Samedi 15 Novembre 2003 18:28, ben franchuk a écrit :

The problem with the exchange type instructions with the
Z80 is you never knew if the registers were swapped.
You almost need 4 swap banks ...

When do you have this cases ?
I was refering to the F-cpu for needing more banks.
How ever the general trend for software seems to be
have all the hardware and software service routines
have common entry and exit routines. I was thinking of
MINIX where you had the real time clock, regular IRQ's
and software OS service all use the same SWI, and message
passing to the needed services. Real messy in the low level
stuff but the rest of the was fairly clean ( for the PC )

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