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From: Mr.Peter Da Costa


This letter may come as a surprise since we have not met before but was borne out of my sincere desire to establish a business/partnership relationship with you. My name is Mr. Peter Da Costa, the personal assistant to the Admintrators of Empresa Nacionais de Diamantes de Angola ENDIAMA,the State National Diamond Company in Angola, Mr. Domingos Alfredo Machado I over see and coordinate his private businesses, both in angola and Overseas.

Mr.Domingos Alfredo Machado,cannot operate a foreign bank account or own a business because of the new legislation passed in Angola banning government officials,their aids and family members from operating such,moreover Angola does not have a good climate for investment right now because of the effect of the civil war.It is based on this development that I have the mandate of Mr.Domingos Alfredo Machado to contact you and request you to be
his business partner and assist him set up an investment company in your country with the fund he has with a financial institution in Europe and also he is willing to buy an existing business who requires capital.Please response as soon as possible for me to tell you what is obtainable. I await your response.for detail e-mail:mrpeterdacosta@123.com.

Best regards,

Mr Peter Da Costa.