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Re: [f-cpu] Trained Animals


> "Richard E. Hartny" wrote:
> This Retired Trained Animal and my ancestors saved your ass
> twice in the last century - so rest easy - and you can -
> thanks to the good ole U.S. of A.
> I have several times in the past year heard rumblings of Socialism.
> By - By

i am sorry to have expressed myself badly. as you know, i am
french and tired (or vice versa) and i hope that you will excuse me.

what i meant is that members of my family, and a lot of people around me,
let their instinct speak, rather than seat down and think.
The recent soccer game France vs Algeria is another example.
Because i feel so different and detached, i feel sorry
for these "trained animals" that let the TV broadcast make their mind.
i did not choose to live in a world of violence but i have chosen
to use my brain for neutral, peaceful and positive purposes where everybody
can have a place, on the spiritual Eden of the Internet (wow, i'm really tired).

It's not about political or religious belief. It's about good sense and respect.
I don't want to fall in the traps of either camp and i will let nobody involve
me in this. I also pray and hope that nothing will disturb our work :
we are (mostly) hackers, not fanatics. I will therefore never speak about
this again, to avoid misunderstanding and off-topic discussions.

hope you like the newest ROP2,
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