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Re: [f-cpu] Re: Trained Animals


>De: "Richard E. Hartny" <rhartny@bellsouth.net>
>You will not receive any more of this type shit from me.
being "productive" is so much more rewarding :-)

>I too am tired - very tired as my only son passed
> on to another world yesterday.
all my sympathy.

>I have been reviewing my presentation for the Microprocessor
> Forum 2001 over and over using an overhead projector. 
> This represents the culmination of 7 years of work.  Time sure does fly.
>  Over this time the improvements of FPGA's has been astronomical
> since their introduction in 1988-1989.  The only thing I can say about
> Xilinx is their performance gain has resulted from 0.18UM silicon.
>  One of my fellow logic designers selected them - he made far tooo
> many errors in his initial designs.
what happened ?

>I chose Actel because they were a faster family.  He won that
> argument because of re-programmable ability - same as PAL's at the time.  
>When I return from San Jose next week I will prepare for you fellows
> a complete summary.  Back to work.
Good luck and good work,

>Dick Hartney
read you soon,

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