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Re: Re: [f-cpu] Re: Project short description

On Mon, 3 Sep 2001 whygee@club-internet.fr wrote:

> To make things short,
>  Linux kernel = LEON (which is not a truely "free" CPU btw)

It's LGPL with LEON. That's why you can use your own IPs around it.
But I don't agree with your distinction here - Linux is far more
widespread, thus your equation hopelessly fails...
>  Hurd kernel = F-CPU (which is not finished btw).

Are there actally people working on Hurd? I haven't heard
anything for quite a while. Is anybody working on a F-CPU
compiler suite?

> Last btw : Industry means risk.
> * If you take the risk of using LEON, you can remain stuck
>  with the SPARC problems for a long, long while, and SPARC
>  is a 20-year old architecture which doesn't compete well newer
>  cores like SH-5 for example.*

Where is it said that you have to use it the way it was written?
My opinion is that the SPARC V7/V8 opcode set is a bit outdated
but it's still better than ARM (just as example also standing for
a lot of other embedded IP cores) because you get the source with
an open license for free and you may change it.

>  If you take the risk to use F-CPU, your future is bright and
>  clear, if it arrives. At least not before 2 years.

:-) Did you read the mail of Michael? He told me that it's
not yet clear when and if it will ever run. At least it is
a big pitty that the participants work on it between some
jobs for earning money...


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