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Re: [f-cpu] Re: Project short description

> > > So what's the basic feeling of you people involved in
> > > f-cpu design and simulation to include f-cpu into a
> > > system? I am interested in your views very much.
> > 
> > Do you want only the design for your project, or the design team as well?
> Good question. If I had a team it would be much easier
> to get it done. On the other hand I don't have enough
> money to set it up just for fun. I want to build a team
> at Karlsruhe or Baden-Baden (Germany) to focus on my
> mCluster project. But the people inside this team would
> be free to work on f-cpu as well since it may be a part
> of the whole project. Other companies and universities
> are interested and will be invited to participate as well.

Additionally I could also offer free web hosting for f-cpu
and flow problem purposes on a company webserver. There
are jobs vacant in sales/PR and development but only for
people with real drive behind who go for results.

> > You can do with the design whatever you like, as long as you follow
> > the rules.  But isn't it a bit too early?  We're still in the first of
> > many implementation phases, and we can give no guarantees that the F-CPU
> > will be finished some day, that it will perform well, or work at all.
> > If you rely on that, your project may fail.

But on the other hand, F-CPU is the ONLY project I know
that is designed with bitwidth extension in mind from the
start. My opinion is that this really can be the future
for software compatibility and system development.


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