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Re: [f-cpu] Re: Testing Hardware

> > >Unfortunately, like YG said, there isn't really anything to test yet.  I
> > >have synthesised the multiplier source code just out of curiousity but
> > >there is no point in testing an incomplete unit.
> > i think that the multiplier is being currently
> > re-re-re-redesigned... don't worry :-)
> No, we were stuck when Synopsys ran out of memory (1GB wasn't enough).
> Josh, which version did you synthesize?

I'm not sure the version, but I pulled it from CVS so hopefully it was
new.  I synthesised and compiled on a 4GB sun box.  If your interested it
was estimated to run at 8Mhz.  Of course it wasn't designed for an FPGA
and it didn't have any pipeline stages I believe so this number is

- Josh

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