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Re: [f-cpu] More Dark and Dusty Corners

> I do not know whether anyone will need a virtual CPU some day in the future.
> I just suggested to make it possible, because someone might need it.
> If an application can determine whether it runs under a VM or not, the VM is not
> a very good VM. The VMs of Windows are not good VMs from this point of view. And
> they are an acceptable solution to problem of using applications and drivers for
> another OS (DOS) which a compromise at the best.
> I am thinking of VMs like VMware or Bochs here, where you have several virtual
> machines each including its OS on a single machine. There are people who need
> this, network simulations are one example.
> At www.vmware.com there is a paper somewhere, which explains that the i386
> architecture does not really allow a VM. VMware has to replace drivers for the
> OS inside the VM to make it really work.

But was the whole point of a <BOLD> REAL OS </BOLD> to hide all
the I/O and abstract the devices so that you DON'T need virtual
stuff. It is only a cheap and dirty way to run software,that
really needs to be re-written or even re-compiled. Virtual
machines are a throw back to a era when emulation of tube
computers was a big thing and I/O was simple - 110 baud TTY or
Flexwriter , paper tape and drum or tape drive. Ben.

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