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Why we need GPL? was: Re: Re: [f-cpu] Re: Project short description


On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, Juergen Goeritz wrote:

> On the hardware side its a different world. One cannot just

It is not. The question is what is Software or Sourcecode? It is the way
to do things to solve a problem, it is an algorithm.

If we can use a hardware description language, so it changes the way how
hardware is produced, hardware will be similiar to software in the way of

Now, we can differ between two things, a general description to do
something, and a detailled description to do something. You can compare
the first one with a specification of an interface and the second one
with a realization of an interface (in software-world).

The F-CPU-Project is similiar to the first one.


> Therefore my opinion is to use a more open license for
> all hardware related things. Maybe LGPL is not the best
> but it is at least a start.

The GPL is very well, because we have the full control about the
"interface". The differences between GPL and BSD par example is that GPL
depends on a "bad" view of human behaviour, and BSD on a "good" view of
human behaviour, both want be follow the idea "Who uses 10000 lines of
code, should/must return 10 lines of code".

Because hardware can be described with "sourcecode", we can use all
mechanism of software development, too. Because we share our
knowledge/ideas in the way of software developing, we must protect us and
the project like well prooved license for free and open software.

Is not it?

Bye Andreas 

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