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Once in a while we receive a message like that...

----Message d'origine----
De: Shahar Goldin <Malush@MailAndNews.com>

>OK now I don't know much about CPU's and stuff of that nature but the manual 
>needs some immediate changes, IMO
>-- Highlight outdated sections somehow
>   -In some places the manual contradicts itself entirly (we won't be able to 
>fit these in Intel MoBo's , later recomended that we use Celeron MoBos)
>-- Include a list of books for reference
>This would help alot
>I hope I'm sending this to the right place
>(this may have been suggested before but I'm not going to read 3 years of 
>Mailing list archives ;-)

What you are refering to is a document inside another document.
The part 1 of the manual (well, the up-to-date one) includes
an OLD document which is probably the first one that describes
the _intended_ features for an _hypothetical_ implementation.
I have taken a lot of care to indicate that this document
is included for _historical_ reasons and it is not of any
other value now. It was written three years ago and we are now
writing VHDL for a CPU which is described in the following
parts of the manual.

In the original HTML version i had 'highlighted' the
'old' parts but i don't think it survived the translation
to LaTeX. However if you read in the correct order
(from the first page to the last page) you will read 
the disclaimers _before_ the nasty historical stuff.

Concerning the reference books : go to your local university
library and spend some months reading whatever you can
find on the subject :-) Btw, books are useless without
a bit of 'real' experience, theory is useless without practice.
Yes, we are hackers, welcome to the club :-)

If you have other questions, yes : f-cpu@seul.org is the
right place to ask them. I hope i was helpful and you will
stay in the neighbourhood,


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