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Re: [f-cpu] Lotsa 'em


Shahar Goldin wrote:
> Ok I sorta stumbled upon your project on a google
> search for something or other
all my apologies :-)

> I have a few things to say so if its not too much
> trouble or time, please take a look
> ..
> First off, I don't like mailing lists - IMO Newsgroups
> (*(are more functional, and I prefer that my mreserved
> for people directing things at me
> (You can ignore any part of this, it is all my
> personal opinion which, generally, matters little ;^)

newsgroups and IRC are fine, but it is not perfect for
everybody. it's ok when you have a direct link to the Net
and lots of time. However, concerning my case, it's far
from possible. I am in France with a modem and the
communications are paid a la minute. It is easy for anyone
to participate in the discussions, even if there are several
days of delay.

another important "detail" is to keep the discussions in
archives. When there is a problem, we have at least a proof
(even though it is not legally valid) of our intention
and we can justify past decisions. it is far from possible
on IRC and newsgroup archives are not easy.

I do agree that "instant" communication is cool but it
must also be realisable for everybody if we want that
people contribute without too much efforts.
Another solution is to organise meetings : there is
a monthly meeting in Paris for example. it is more
difficult in other countries because people are more scattered.

> Secondly, I understand the manual is incomplete, but
> right now I can think of a few immediate modifications
> that could help alot...
>  - Highlight in red stuff that is obsolete, by
> previous groups, etc...
i hope that the next version will insist even more.
somebody is in charge of this but he is often very late.

>  - Include a booklist for people who want to help
> about coding VHDL, Proccessor Architectures, etc, and
> so on.
I am currently writing a VHDL-HOWTO for the contributors
(or those who want to code). However, there are a lot
of ressources on the Net for the rest. We try to include
a lot of external ressources when we make a CDROM
for public diffusion (in meetings or conferences).

> Lastly, I think nowadays, a project is best developed
> on IRC or other Real Time communication...
probably, but most people have "shifted" working times.
In France i "work" from around 9pm to 6am...
And other people in the world have different schedules.

There is a f-cpu IRC channel but i don't know what it
has become : is it still in use ?

> Please excuse me if any of this has been
> discussed/rejected before but I'm not going to read
> through 3 years of mailing list archives
> ;^)

don't worry. But if you can have a look, you will probably
see, learn and understand many things. Some parts are
really boring, but it is useful to "see" how things evolve
and happen.

> --SG
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