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i have started to install Cadence's software.
After i solved some of the first (big) problems
(i encourage you to start with simili and vanilla),
and while i'm continuously writing the VHDL_HOWTO,
some people have told me that they are interested
by Cadence's offer. Here are some more informations
(add to that your PC's MAC address).

This topic came because of the "relatively large
size" of the package (130MB), and other people asked
me to copy the package on a CD. Of course I will
send you the data only if you have been registered with
Martyn. I don't want to have any problem of any kind.

For more informations, please send a mail to mjp@cadence.com


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From: "Martyn Pollard" <mjp@cadence.com>
To: <whygee@f-cpu.org>
Subject: RE: MAC address

Hi Yann,

I'll need more information about the users. I have to be careful what
licenses are given out.

If you can ask them to complete this information, we can take it from there.

> 1 It has to confirm the person has a background in electronics/computing.
> 2 Full Name, Address, Phone number and email address of person applying for license.
> 3 Full Name, Job Title, Work Address, Work Phone number and email address of person acting as a reference.
> 4 Name of the university/college the person attended or current employer.
> 5 What they intend to use the software for

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> From: Yann Guidon [mailto:whygee@f-cpu.org]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2001 11:40 AM
> To: mjp
> Subject: Re: MAC address
> ok it works. thanks ! i start configuring it.
> Some parisian contributors (those who came last year
> with me in Berlin to present the project) have said
> that they are interested by your offer but they can't
> download the large file. Am i allowed to provide them
> with the .pgp package ? They will request their own
> keys of course.
> > Martyn
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